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I know that we are separating ways as couples? But, this is not the end of our journey. :) We’ll stay as friends, just like before, we’ll focus more on our studies.. But please, just in case that you’ve found another girl, replaces my place into your mind and your heart, and you really think that she’s worth it, worthy of your time, worthy of your sacrifices and prayers, don’t let her go. Grab the opportunity, make her smile, make her happy everyday, 

2:34 PM. 41514

May mga bagay na kayang maintindihan ng isip mo pero hindi mo kayang ipaintindi sa puso mo.

Nung tinanong ko isa-isa yung mga tao, sabi ko: Anong first impression mo sakin? Iisa lang sagot nila: MATARAY. Jusme.

Kasi yung mata ko raw, mataray. HANUBAAAAAA

Sino kayang escort ko? Yung isa o yung isa? Yung isa na lang! Hahahaha

"I think I keep that little space for myself — and for my own satisfaction of knowing that I meant something to someone once. I don’t need to hear him say these words to know it’s true. I think maybe that’s the real purpose these memories serve. It’s my reminder that no matter the length or complexity of the relationship we experienced, I have maybe left an impression that’s just as meaningful as the one he’s left with me. The space I keep for him is more than just a time capsule; it’s part of the definition of who I am."

(Fitzgibbon, 2014)

Men Who Own Cats Are Better Lovers

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